The best limpets in Madeira

When we visited Madeira (my first time, Lina’s second :)), we were lucky enough to meet up with a friend of mine who was visiting his cousin who is married to a local. It was a long weekend trip and our time there did not coincide much, so we ended up meeting him on our second day, after a 9 hour trek from Pico Ruivo to Pico Areiro and back.

He led us to a small restaurant called “Muralhas Bar” located in Caniçal, not far from the Airport (which makes it a great place for the last meal before your flight). We were certainly starving, but the “lapas” (limpets in English) we had there were the best we found in the whole island. And believe me, we tried a lot of restaurants, but ended up coming once more to confirm that these were the best we ever had!

It’s a crowded place, with cheap, simple but great food: as fresh and tasty as you can get!

Limpets, as “Wikipedia” says, are “aquatic snails with a shell that is broadly conical in shape and a strong, muscular foot”.

For us, mortals, it is divine seafood!

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