Sicilian sweets that you must try

Although Portugal is known for its sweets, it has the most reviewed eatery in world – the bakery “Pastéis de Belém” in Lisbon -, and you can find a bakery or pastry shop in every corner, I still think that Sicily has sweets that are a sin not to try.

We totally fell in love and lost our minds with “cannoli”. They consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling made mostly of the Italian cheese known as “ricotta”.

When we were travelling in Sicily, we stayed most of our time at our friends in the town called Caccamo, around 50 km from Palermo, the capital of Sicily. One day, our friends brought us to the town of Lercara Friddi, to the “Pasticceria Oriens”. We were astonished by the variety of desserts there. And I can swear, we ate “cannoli” that were so good, that you can die for them.

Next day we were leaving for a trip to Agrigento and we stopped in Lercara Friddi just to eat “cannoli”! The town itself isn’t very touristic, though.

The other dessert we became fans is called “la testa di Turco”. If you would translate it literally, it would be something as the “Moor’s head”. It’s made in different ways but the one we ate was like a cream-puff pastry filled with “ricotta”.

la testa di Turco
La testa di Turco.

If you ever come to Sicily don’t overlook their sweets! I know it’s a lot of sugar but, hell, you are on holidays! Or maybe you have your favourite Sicilian sweet of your own? What is it? Leave your comment!

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