Lisbon’s restaurants worth to try

I remember several years ago we met our Italian friends in Lisbon. We were strolling through the touristic streets until lunch time came and than dinner time. Both times we stopped to eat on the way in random places we saw. Both times it was very disappointing: overpriced, bad food. A sin to go to such places when you know how good Portuguese cuisine can be.

We never made this mistake, since we like to try good food while travelling we always browse the places to eat in advance.

I made a suggestion of three places that I liked in Lisbon. All three are situated in the city center, so you don’t need a special arrangement in order to reach them.

A paradise for seafood lovers

The first place is for seafood lovers, to eat in “Ramiro” is to get a festival for your stomach. The place got very popular after it appeared in Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” in Lisbon in 2012. There you can order all the seafood you can imagine. The place is a bit busy, so it’s better to appear a bit earlier (for lunch, let’s say, at noon) in order to avoid waiting. Prepare to pay in average 30 to 40 euros per person. It’s a higher price for a lunch or dinner but considering that it’s a seafood restaurant and the quality of food the price isn’t so high.

Seafood in the "Ramiro" restaurant.
Seafood in the “Ramiro” restaurant.

An option for meat lovers

If you a meat lover, you should try “Cabaças”. It’s a cosy, rustic place where you get a raw meat steak on a hot stone. The meat you cook as you want but in all cases the result is very tasty. The place is usually overcrowded, so don’t be astonished by waiting or you can try avoiding it by going of the busiest hours.

A raw meat steak on a hot stone.
A raw meat steak on a hot stone.

A vintage place

The third place is not a restaurant. It’s primarily a vintage shop called “A Outra Face da Lua” (in Portuguese meaning “The Other Face Of The Moon”). They have the cafeteria inside and for me it’s a nice place for a quick snack, a cup of coffee or some aperative.

Inside of the "A Outra Face da Lua". © of "A Outra Face da Lua" Facebook page.
Inside of the “A Outra Face da Lua”. © of “A Outra Face da Lua” Facebook page.

Have you got your favourite places in Lisbon? What are they? Share your opinion!

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