Signs of the real autumn in Portugal

You are wrong if you think about the foliage or colourful leaves of the trees.

You can feel that the real autumn has arrived when you see the first warm chestnut vendors in the streets. You can spot them from the distance because of the white cloud of smoke that comes from the apparatus where they prepare the chestnuts on the spot. In Portuguese, they are called “castanhas assadas”.

Chestnut vendors in the street.

What is “magusto”?

“Magusto” is a kind of Portuguese autumn celebration. During these gatherings, baked chestnuts are eaten and “jeropiga” [ʒəru:pɪgʌ] is drunk. “Jeropiga” is an alcoholic beverage, a kind of liquor made from wine. It’s sweeter and has more alcohol than a normal wine but less than Port wine.

“Magusto” is celebrated widely in the North of Portugal – in the regions of Minho, Trás-os-Montes, but also the provinces of Douro, Beiras and Alentejo have these festivities. Every year there is The Chestnut Fest in the historical village of Marvão. However, most of information presented is the Portuguese language. The festival takes place usually around St. Martin’s Day“São Martinho” (11th of November).

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