About Us

We are Lina (Lithuanian) and Pedro (Portuguese) living in Porto, Portugal. As a lot of young people, we love travelling, trekking and to know deeper other cultures. We always organise our trips on our own and try to include some trekking. For some years now, we have always thought that we should share our experiences, but never came around to actually do it.

In October 2017 we were visiting Ethiopia and Lina was affected by a serious disease. She has been recovering slowly but well. This blog is one of the ways we found to help her move forward and to share our experience.

Although our primary focus will be Portugal, you will find here many of our “escapes” to Europe and the World.

We would like to say upfront that all products, restaurants or services that we refer, are mentioned because they are good or not and no one paid us to say that. In some of our posts we use referral links. If you buy a product following that link we’ll eventually get a commission, but we were not paid to write the review.

You can read more about why this blog is called Sunny Shiny Portugal in this post.

Lastly, if you would like to contact us, just drop us a line: