Why Sunny Shiny Portugal?

I met Pedro in 2009. At that time I thought of changing my occupation and went to Denmark to study multimedia design. Low-cost airlines made it easier to go to Portugal. Usually from Billund, Denmark, late in the evening I would go to Faro, a city in the South of Portugal, and the next day, early morning, I would fly to Porto. I just had to make sure that I would have enough movies in my computer, because the night would be spent at the airport. The good side of all of this would be that the whole trip, the return ticket, would cost less than 50 euros!

Every time I would come: Winter or Spring, Summer or Autumn, the sun would always shine. And a cup of coffee would cost 60 euro cents, compared to 3 or 4 euros in Denmark, or a glass of beer would cost 1 euro comparing to 15 euros in a Danish bar. I would sit near the ocean with a cup of coffee, the sun would shine and I would think: “It’s wonderful! At last, here I can be a poor student.”

Since then I fell in love with the country!

You have everything here: mountains, the ocean, beautiful valleys, excellent food, nice people, good prices and services. Of course, one thing is to come for holidays, another one is to live there. I moved to Portugal in the Summer of 2011. After all those years, even though there are a lot of things that irritate me or which I think could be improved in your daily life; I still say it’s a wonderful country!

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