Serralves Museum in Porto

It’s a bit off the main touristic routes, but not exactly off-the-beaten-track, and not the easiest location to get to with public transports.

Nevertheless, this modern art museum, public park and farm is one of my favourite spots in Porto.

Modern art museum

The Museum was designed by Alvaro Siza Vieira, the first Portuguese architect to win the “Pritzker Prize“, and is completely centred in giving you the best viewing spot to their temporary expositions or permanent collection. Look into their website to check out what they are showing. If you’re a resident in Portugal on the first Sunday of the month you can go to the museum for free from 10 am. to 1 pm. All the admission fees are shown here.


The Museum has other older buildings, one of which is very interesting but not always open to the public. You can stroll around it and try to get lost through it’s maze of gardens, ponds and water fountains. If you stroll long enough you’ll end up finding the…


Yes, the Museum is very sustainable and, although, located within the city, it preserved the farming buildings that existed inside the property. Alongside its own production, regular workshops teach you how to pick mushrooms, edible flowers, aromatic plants, amongst other interesting topics for both the elder and the younger crowds.


There are several shopping opportunities in Serralves.

The Bookshop inside the museum will probably be your first stop. They sell several author books and lots of art and architecture manuals, books and the sorts.

For souvenirs you best go to the Museum shop, which is outside the museum, by the entrance. They sell design pieces for all the tastes out there and some of the farm produce, such as jams, teas, olive oil, etc.

Lastly, you might get lucky and find a farmer’s market or a themed market taking place near the farm, at the other edge of the property, which are usually worth a visit.


Besides bringing your own for a picnic in the Park, you should try the buffet lunch at the Museum’s restaurant. The bar also caters small meals which might be more of your liking.

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