“Rab Microlight Alpine Womens’ Jacket” review

It happens very rarely that I like certain clothes or footwear so much that I would like to spread the word. And this is a time when I would like to do so.

A few years ago, I was visiting my family and needed a jacket, which I borrowed from my sister. It was the “Rab Microlight Alpine Womens’ Jacket”. I felt so comfy, warm and light with it that I asked my sister more about it . She bought it for her trip to India’s mountains. I thought it would be perfect for my trips but, in the beginning, was hesitating because of the price. Mine cost around 150 euros and I saw on “Rab’s” website that there is a new collection with prices that start at around 200 euros.

The price was not so low but I have not yet regretted buying it. It comes with a pouch-like stuff sack, so, if you don’t need it, it’s easy to pack. The packed jacket really takes very little space and weighs only 360 grams.

The jacket in it’s stuff sack weighs only 360 g.

Initially, the idea was that it would become a jacket for trips. But it is so comfy and universal that I often use it every day! It gives me enough warm during mild Portuguese winters, but I also put it on unzipped during colder summer evenings.

It has a hood, so if it rains a bit, it keeps you covered. I never used it during heavy rains and, since it uses goose down, I’m not sure how it would survive heavy rains. But it works fine for me in light rain.

I wash it with a special product called “Nikwax Tech Wash” and dry it in the tumble dryer so that it wouldn’t lose its puffiness and softness.

In conclusion, “Rab” presents it as “the lightweight down jacket you can take anywhere, designed for use in situations where warmth, weight and packability are prime concerns”. And I can only confirm that every word of it is true.

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