Travel guides: love them or ditch them?

If you browse a little, you’ll find a variety of very different opinions on them.

For one, it was more than once that we found ourselves in a “local” restaurant or café surrounded by other tourists with the same travel guide. That makes you wonder if you are actually travelling independently and how different your trip is from a package tour.

On the other side, if you don’t, you can end up caught by yet another tourist trap!

A few years back I organised a group trip with a bunch of my school friends. That meant two 9-seaters strolling along the North of Spain and a load of opinions and misinformation. One night we were still far from our destination and the group decided to stop on a roadside restaurant for dinner. Summing up, it was one of the worst experience I ever had. The food was just tasteless and the options very limited…

Online resources are more and more at hand and a better way to find great, and safer, choices. And also go a long way on helping you find the absolutely impossible-to-skip touristic attractions.

When it comes to Portugal, we are no different. There are some online resources that are only available to native speakers, but there’s always a solution to access them.

Read more about specific websites and apps that we use to plan our getaways here:

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