“Peter’s Cafe” in the Azores

“Peter’s” is a safe haven in the Azores.

The bar is crowded with memorabilia from boats and boat related paraphernalia from floor to ceiling, literally!

Be it you are looking for a crew, or you don’t have a boat but would like to hitchhike through the ocean, this is the place to come.

We went mostly for the gin and tonic, which is out of this world! (don’t trust us: hear what Anthony Bourdain had to say on his visit back in 2002).

There are also some “petiscos” which can make for a nice, calm and relaxed meal, and the warm feeling that you are home and will never want to leave.

The Bar has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. It has a nice museum above it, from the same owners, where you can learn a bit about whales and the whale industry that flourished in the islands for many years.

Nearby you can hop to the harbour and check out the artwork every boat leaves behind, in hopes of good luck.


And enjoy the view of Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain and usually wearing a nice white scarf around its neck, as the locals say 😉

The mountain of Pico
The mountain of Pico with a “scarf”.

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