The best lightweight luggage for travels

Travel luggage is something you will want to invest in, sooner or later.

From my experience, good luggage goes a long way from moving your commutes away from the horror of lugging a huge weight across a city, up and downstairs and hilly streets!

From my parents’ luggage to the ones I own nowadays I could see the development in this area. The older luggage was low height, had no wheels and was just bulky!

Even though my parent’s older “Samsonites” were still sturdy, they were just difficult to move around.

Then they added a couple of wheels in the back and came up with a hard and super resistant material for the casing.

But I reckon it was just in the new millennium they brought in the four-wheel vertical luggage that revolutionized the market.

But, for me, the game-changer was “Samsonite’s” 2 kg (roughly) cabin luggage.

It was a full-on response to the low-cost pressure of weight limits and the most ergonomic luggage ever. The 4 multidirectional wheels, collapsible handle and lightweight materials seemed unbeatable.

The future

In the last years, we’ve seen some new additions to these models: lighter materials, more ergonomic concerns, better wheels, waterproofing, etc.

Still, the future has a lot on hold. AI is around the corner and we’ll see considerable tech get into the luggage industry soon.

For example, “Lufthansa” lets you check-in your own luggage from home if you use a smart bag.

What else does the future hold?

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